***Nineth (9th) Annual Gunbarrel Green Community Garage Sale in 2019--September 14th from 9am to 1pm***
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Location: Gunbarrel Green Subdivision
For Folks Attending the Garage Sale: 9th Annual Gunbarrel Green Community Garage Sale in 2019--September 14th from 9 am to 1 pm. There will be 12+ residents participating in this community garage sale---with a variety of many, many items---from estate antiques to knick-knacks!! Location in Gunbarrel: Off-Diagonal Rd (Hwy 119), turn south towards  King Soopers, at first traffic light turn left (east) on Lookout Rd, continue one mile and take a right at Idylwild Trail  (go under the covered entry). If you want a GPS address, use 5066 Cottonwood Dr, Boulder, CO 80301.

FOR Residents that are Participating in Garage Sale: 
If you are a resident of Gunbarrel Green and belong to the $100/yr HOA, one of the benefits is----you are invited to participate in our 9th Annual Community Garage Sale to be held on Sept 14th from 9 am to 1 pm. There will be 15+/- residents participating in this community garage sale---with a variety of many, many items!

The community garage sale is a delight in many ways! First, you get to meet your neighbors. Second, the subdivision traffic for garage sales happen at one time---of course, hundreds of folks! And thirdly, there is a community food drive where you can donate as well as the hundreds of folks that visit. Thank you for your interest in participating! 


1. The garage sale open hours are 9 am to 1 pm on Saturday, September 14th. (Some keen buyers may show up early---use your judgment on letting them buy early.) Have at least $60 change-in $1s, $5s & $10s.
2. On Friday, Sept 14th (the day before the garage sale), I will deliver the garage sale sign, a Food Share box for food donations, and several community maps showing the locations of other neighborhood garage sale participates.
3. I will pick up your individual garage sale sign and your Food Share donations on Saturday between 2 - 4 pm---just leave the canned goods and yard sign on your front porch or driveway. Thank you for your generous food giving!
4. I will place garage sale directional signs to your property at the appropriate street corners as well as the two main entry roads into the subdivision between 7:00 am and 8:30 am Saturday morning. Please place your garage sale yard sign (which I delivered to you on Friday, Sept 13th) in your yard.
5. Where does your HOA garage sale $25 donation go? Your donation is used for advertising in seven local newspapers (The Daily Camera, Times-Call, Broomfield Gazette, Superior News, Erie News, Lafayette News, and Louisville News), the Internet (www.GunbarrelGreenGarageSale.com and 6 plus websites), signs, and printed materials/maps for the public.
6. I have checked with the county officials and no special permitting is needed to have a community garage sale. Basically, the policy goes like this: you sell your kept items (Aunt Jewel's rocking chair, your old china, your old/new whatever). If you are a vendor who has vendor items and sells them for business profit (you can not use this venue)---please do not sell those items at this garage sale.
7. Please mail your $25 donation with a check payable to Gunbarrel Green HOA, c/o Cynthia Arey, 5066 Cottonwood Drive, Boulder, CO 80301. (Please make your check payable to Gunbarrel Green HOA.)
8. The last day to sign up to participate in the community garage sale at 10 pm Tuesday, Sept 11th.
Oh by the way---This event is advertised as a 'cash only' garage sale. Use your judgment in accepting checks. This is a 'Rain or Shine' event with NO Rain Date. Please price all items, I have found it best not to use an auction format!
NOTE: If you want to participate in the community garage sale, please forward your $25 donation (see address below) so I know to put your home address on the color map, include you in the general advertising, deliver your custom numbered garage sale sign as well as a Food Share box/bag for donated can goods for the community food drive. The check is payable to 'Gunbarrel Green HOA'.  If you have any questions, please give me a call (303-581-0606) or email cynarey@gmail.com, Cynthia Arey, 5066 Cottonwood Dr, Boulder, CO 80301. Please send your email address and/or your phone number with your donation. THANKS!

PS If you deliver the donation check to my home, please pat it under my front door mat----not in my mailbox. Thanks!

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Cynthia Arey
Price: $25.00
Seller Information: Donation of $25
Gunbarrel Green Subdivision-
Individual Homes
Boulder, CO 80301
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Type: Gunbarrel Green HOA
Time: Sat, Sep 16, 2017 07:00 AM - 11:00 AM MDT
Delivery Available: No
CASH ONLY: No Rain Days
Bring Canned Foods: Food Drive for Food Share
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